The Victoria School offers the opportunity of a holistic education and the arts are a very important part of the curriculum.  Students develop life skills through the study of visual arts, music and drama.

The Visual Arts offer the possibility to create and communicate cultural meaning through different expressions; it allows the students to express their most inner feelings towards their surroundings and helps them be part of their cultural context.

Music offers the opportunity to develop skills to connect with the world around us and promotes artistic production and music research. Students have the opportunity of a guided exploration of the different instruments at early age and a deeper exploration and practice of a given one at a high school level. They participate in choir, learn how to read music and about music history.

Through Drama, they learn about creation and representation of different characters, the proper use of their voice and space. Life skills such as team work, creativity and problem solving are also learned through the drama work.



The Victoria School
Address: Calle 215 No. 50-60
PBX: 676 15 03

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