We know the importance of nutrition as a direct variation in the physical and mental development of students - for this reason the restaurant service has a monthly nutritionist who develops a varied and balanced menu, responding to the needs of each stage of growth of our students.

We have a qualified and certificate team  that works every day, to improve, growth and satisfaction of our service. Among the cafeteria's team we have: a manager, an executive chef, a head of production and quality, a chef, a nutritionist, waiters and kitchen staff, all committed to provide all students a balanced and quality food, with a great service component.

In order to guide and develop good eating habits and manners at the table of the students in their early childhood, in Preschool grades the alimentary process is always accompanied by a teacher.


In order to prepare our  daily menú, the school is committed with the implementation of the guidelines and standards of the Ministry of Education,  School Feeding Programme, in this way, always getting a careful balance between flavors, variety and the nutritional parameters established by the Ministry.

We have a nutritionist who works in designing the  menus and also making campaigns of the awareness and the benefits of good nutrition for the community.





The Victoria School
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